Today marks World UFO Day, when hordes of people who believe the truth is out there, will turn their eyes to the sky in celebration of "the undoubted existence of UFOs". And nowhere have UFO sightings been more prolific than the tiny Central Belt town of Bonnybridge, now dubbed UFO capital of the world.

Every year, dedicated believers around the globe mark the day in a bid to bring awareness to their cause, arguing that paranormal activity should be recognised as a legitimate phenomenon and not as a fringe doctrine to be sniggered at.

Scotland will occupy a special place in the celebrations as it is home to the 'Falkirk Triangle', an area stretching between Bonnybridge, Edinburgh and Stirling where thousands of UFO sightings have been reported. Outdoing even Roswell, New Mexico, reportedly the scene of a UFO crash 60 years ago next month, and the Nevada desert home of classified US airbase Area 51, Bonnybridge has managed to claim the title of UFO capital thanks to a range of well-documented sightings of strange lights and flying saucers.

With a population of just 7,000 terrestrials, the town is looking forward to Scotland’s third National UFO and Paranormal Conference next weekend in Falkirk.

Hosted by a Scottish veteran of the cause, Bonnybridge councillor William Buchanan who has been documenting the paranormal activity in Bonnybridge since 1992, the conference serves to educate, enlighten and prove to attendees and sceptics alike that stranger things do happen in our world.

Alongside dealing with day-to-day constituency problems like bin collections and bus services, Buchanan has made awareness of UFO phemomena his main priority in office, writing to every Prime Minister since John Major asking that this issue be officially investigated.

He has featured in 240 paranormal documentaries worldwide after thousands of his constituents reported sightings to him.

“I’m not an expert," he said, "I’m just a wee councillor from Bonnybridge who was made to be involved in this. All I’m asking people is, what are these strange things in the sky? And I rule nothing out.

“Bonnybridge has gained notoriety over the years, but the UFO phenomenon here is just starting to gain some credibility.

“People have come forward who have far more authority than a wee woman living on Mansfield Avenue – astronauts, doctors, Steven Hawking; I mean, he’s idolised.”

Mr Buchanan has even gone so far as to write and record a single about UFO sightings in the area called The Lights of Bonnybridge which he says made it to number one in Azerbaijan.

Three experts will take to the floor on the day to speak on the conference’s main topics of angels, UFOs and how the supernatural has influenced famous people over time. Keen to stress that this is about a lot more than flying saucers, there will also be discussions on paranormal conspiracies, psychic mediums and the influence of the paranormal on world events.

Malcolm Robinson, a pioneer in UFO studies described by Councillor Buchanan as an "unsung hero", has written several books on the subject and will speaking at the conference next Saturday.

On the significance of holding the conference bang in the centre of the Falkirk Triangle he said: “There's no denying that we are dealing with something very real and tangible in Bonnybridge and it demands explanation.

“Our petition to open up a government enquiry into these UFO sightings has fallen on deaf ears. The government said that as these objects do not pose a threat to National security, they would not seek to open up an enquiry.

“This has annoyed me, because some of these UFO sightings have been so close that witnesses have said they could practically have thrown a stone at them.”

Robinson is the first Scotsman to deliver talks on UFOs to audiences in France Holland and America. As for any sceptics, he reminds them that John Logie Baird and The Wright Brothers were once mocked for their beliefs and ambitions.

“They are real, they have been recorded on radar by trained radar operators," he said. "They have been witnessed entering and exiting the oceans of this world. This mystery has been with us since the dawn of time.”

Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference, Falkirk Town Hall, 8 July, £10. For more details and ticket information go to

Famous UFO sightings around the world

Roswell 1947: Now a cultural phenomenon, UFO hunters claim that the US military captured an alien aircraft

Portsmouth 1961: Barney and Betty Hill reported that they were abducted by aliens after following a flying saucer in their car

Suffolk 1980: Witnesses spot several unexplained lights near Rendelsham Forest RAF base

Sao Paolo 1986: Military aircraft was sent to intercept around 20 UFOs that were detected by radar, they disappeared without being caught.

Bonnybridge 1992: The first in a string of myriad sightings of unidentified flying objects