ONE of the world's biggest entertainment companies, Netflix, has bought the comic company of leading Scottish superhero writer Mark Millar.

In what is likely to be a multi-million pound deal, Netflix has acquired Millarworld, and will now use its many comic-book characters and superheroes to make films, drama series and children's shows for its huge global online audience of more than 100m subscribers.

The Netflix deal looks sure to see more of Millar's creations being made into films and drama series, along with his previous movies such as Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman.

Netflix said Millar is a "legendary creator of iconic characters and stories" and "one of the most important voices in comics."

Millar, 47, from Coatbridge, Scotland, based in Glasgow, who set up the firm in the early 2000s having previously worked at Marvel, said it was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his professional life.

The writer also said some of the proceeds of the landmark deal will go towards revitalising his hometown.

He said: "Warner Bros bought DC Comics in 1968. Disney bought Marvel in 2009.

"Today Netflix purchased Millarworld and I'm still blinking.

"This is only the third time in history a comic-book company purchase on this scale has ever happened."

Millar said that he started Millarworld fifteen years ago with other artists to be a "creator owned comic book company" to control the fate of their characters and reap the rewards if they became the inspiration for movies, TV shows or merchandise.

He added: "Over the years, Millarworld has amassed twenty different franchises working with the world's greatest artists, and now Millarworld has been bought by the hottest, most exciting entertainment company on the planet.

"To say this is the best thing that ever happened in our professional lives would be an understatement."

Millar said that his charitable foundation to "revitalize part of my old hometown in Scotland."

He said that he has been "quietly making plans..with local government behind the scenes and we can't wait to go public with the idea."

The acquisition of the company is also the first deal of its kind of Netflix, which has more than 50m subscribers alone in the US.

Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Netflix began as a DVD rental service, and then moved into streaming online.

It began producing its own shows in 2013, debuting the US version of House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, said: "As creator and re-inventor of some of the most memorable stories and characters in recent history, ranging from Marvel's The Avengers to Millarworld's Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Wanted and Reborn franchises, Mark is as close as you can get to a modern day Stan Lee.

"We can't wait to harness the creative power of Millarworld to Netflix and start a new era in global storytelling."

Millar added: "I’m so in love with what Netflix is doing and excited by their plans. Netflix is the future and Millarworld couldn’t have a better home."

Millar runs Millarworld with his wife Lucy Millar.

Since Millarworld was started, the company and its co-creators have given birth to eighteen published character worlds, of which three,

Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman, have yielded theatrical films that together have grossed nearly $1 billion in global box office.

Sarancos added: "Mark has created a next-generation comics universe, full of indelible characters living in situations people around the world can identify easily with.

"We look forward to creating new Netflix Originals from several existing franchises as well as new super-hero, anti-hero, fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories Mark and his team will continue to create and publish.”

In a long statement on his website, Millar added: "More than anyone I'd like to thank my wife, Lucy Millar.

"Everyone involved in this process knows she's the genuine business brain at our company."