SCOTLAND harnessed enough wind-generated power to supply every home in the country on a total of nine days last month, according to the WWF.

While the summer weather proved to among the poorest in recent memory, it brought with it much-welcomed benefits for the renewables sector.

Analysis from the conservation charity also found that in August windfarms produce enough energy to power 93 per cent of Scottish households.

This shows a stark increase against figures from the same month last year, when the total megawatt hours (MWh) could have powered just 69 per cent of the country's homes.

In addition, the blustery weather meant that wind power could have supplied close to half of Scotland's entire electricity needs – including business, industry and domestic consumption.

Recent weeks have proved to be very encouraging for Green campaigners, after Nicola Sturgeon announced the Scottish Government would be looking phase out new diesel and petrol cars by 2032.

According to WeatherEnergy, the firm that collated the results, wind power could have supplied the equivalent of 2.25million homes in August.

The group's Karen Robinson said: "Scotland's had another fantastic month for renewable electricity. With more turbines having come online, this trend looks set to continue.

"Already this year millions of tonnes of damaging carbon emissions have been avoided thanks to investment and forward-thinking policies."

WWF Scotland argue the wind power output for August proves that "renewables are working".

Indeed, for nine days out of the 31 last month, all homes in Scotland could conceivably have relied on nothing else buy wind to power their homes.

On August 19, generation was a massive 59,240MWh – well in excess of the 37,351MWh demand.

And on it's poorest day last month, wind contributed enough energy to supply 20 per cent of the homes in the country.

Gina Hanrahan, WWF Scotland's acting head of policy, praised Nicola Sturgeon for placing the low carbon economy at the heart of the programme for government.

She said: "These figures show why this is a good decision for the climate and for business.

"Renewables are working, creating jobs and investment and cutting carbon, and thanks to clear policy ambition we are now a leading global player.

"August was another great month for the wind sector, providing the equivalent of 93 per cent of the electricity needs of Scotland's households.

"On August 19 alone, output from turbines generated enough electricity to power nearly 5million homes or 158 per cent of Scotland's total electricity demand."

Ms Hanrahan is now calling for more to support the renewables industry and make Scotland among the world players in the market.

She added: "Month after month renewables are continuing to play a vital role in cutting carbon emissions and powering the Scottish economy.

"We've made huge strides forward on electricity and now we need to do the same in heating, building efficiency and transport.

"Last week's commitment from the Scottish Government to phase out petrol and diesel cars is a major step forward.

"We now need to build on that commitment in the forthcoming Climate Change Bill and Warm Homes Bill to ensure Scotland is best positioned to develop the global industries of the future."