TWO pro-British supporters have told of their disgust at being attacked in the street before having their Union flag stolen during a pro-independence rally in Glasgow.

Ollie Marshall was kicked while he and his colleague Jack Neil were subjected to a volley of abuse as they stood near Queen Street station in a counter-demo on the fringes of the George Square pro-independence rally.

Video footage shows the pair being threatened while Mr Neill was waving a large Union flag.


One of the unionists was described as a "f**ing pr**k" while Mr Marshall, who reported the incident to the police, said one threatened to "slash me" while being called a "traitor" and a "ginger c***".   Mr Marshall says it amounted to a "death threat".

Mr Neill said: I was there to make the point that we have had an independence referendum and there was a decisive result and it was time to move on.

"Unknown to me, my friend was actually being assaulted behind me. I had no idea what was going on. "I did not go directly at the marchers, or speak to them. I wanted to make a peaceful protest and then leave.


"The nationalist came behind me and ripped the flag, took the pole in half. I just responded calmly. I thought there was no point in making any threats, act professionally and just leave.

"I am furious. I think what has happened shows Scotland in a very dark light, this is not what we are about. And I am adamant this is a minority of people who are representing Scotland in a poor way and I hope it ends."

Mr Marshall said: "I'm really very disturbed that people within a movement that claims to be peaceful and progressive is allowing people like this with open arms. I am also shocked that this behaviour has been allowed for so long.


"I was told that I am Scotlands shame. But these people are the shame of Scotland. It is terrifying that in Scotland holding a different view to the Yes movement makes you a traitor and deserving of death."

"That march showed that elements of the Yes movement  are no better than the White Supremacists who ascended upon Charlottesville or the yobs within the Scottish Defence League. 

"I would also like to put on record that two stewards from the march apologised to me for their behaviour and recommended I report the man in question to the police.

"These men are what the Yes Movement should be. Respectful of others views. I just hope the man who attacked me will be found and dealt with appropriately."


Some 1500 people are estimated to have gathered for the Hope Over Fear event on Saturday to remember the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

The grassroots organisation set-up in the run-up to the vote three years ago has vowed to hold a rally each September "until Scotland achieves its independence".

Supporters marched along Holland Street chanting: “What do we want? Independence. When do we want it? Now.”

Footage of the assault and theft. Note: The audio has been edited to remove any bad language