THE Scottish Government will today publish a list of 111 powers it says could be lost from Holyrood in a Westminster “power grab” on the back of Brexit.

SNP Brexit minister Michael Russell is due to present the list to Holyrood’s finance and constitution committee ahead of his appearance there on Wednesday.

The list of “devolved competencies” affected by the main Brexit legislation going through Westminster was drawn up by the UK Government.

However it will be the Scottish Government which puts into the public domain first.

Mr Russell last week warned the SNP government could not recommend Holyrood giving consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill because of its implications for devolution.

The legislation, as drafted, would result in all powers repatriated from Brussels go to Westminster at Brexit, even those in devolved areas such as agriculture and fishing.

Mr Russell and Nicola Sturgeon say this “power grab” goes against a fundamental principle of the 1997 devolution settlements, that powers not reserved are automatically devolved.

The SNP has warned that unless the Bill is changed, it will not recommend its consent at Holyrood, taking devolution into uncharted territory and a possible constitutional crisis.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has promised a “bonanza” of new powers for Holyrood after Brexit, but also said this week that some powers in devolved areas could not handed to Edinburgh, but would have to be shared UK-wide to protect the UK’s internal market.

The Scottish government and the Labour-run government in Wales, which also rejects the Bill as drafted, will this week publish amendments on how it can be improved to their liking.

Mr Russell and Deputy First Minister John Swinney are also due to meet Scottish Tory MSPs Jackson Carlaw and Adam Tomkins on Thursday to discuss possible amendments.

As efforts to find a compromise acceptable to MSPs are ramped up, SNP ministers are also due to hold another meeting with Theresa May’s deputy Damian Green about ways forward.