A Scottish band has gone viral with a wacky music video featuring Donald Trump on drums, Vladimir Putin on bass - and Kim Jong-Un as a backing dancer.

Beldon Haigh's latest single Fools' Rules has been viewed more than a million times online and thousands more on streaming sites.

The Falkirk-based band made the song as a protest against the world leaders and their controversial regimes.

They loaned handmade hyper-realistic masks from American sculpture artist Landon Meier for the production of the video.

The band faced a race against time to arrange filming of the video in Denver, Colorado, as the masks were set to be sold on eBay within days.


But they were able to borrow the silicone disguises -- each valued at more than £3,000 -- and get a local band to stand in their place for the satirical video.

Lead singer and guitarist Beldon Haigh hoped that the trio could get along as well as they appear to in the video.

He said: "The song is a rebellion against fake news and obviously these guys are the main purveyors of it.

"We've dubbed them the Mother of All Bands which is a play on the Mother of All Bombs which was dropped in Afghanistan

"It would be nice if they could get along as well as they do in the video then that'd be nice."

The song has been released on the band's own label Covfefe Records which itself is a reference to an infamous Tweet by the American President.