GAELIC will appear on road signs in Edinburgh under multi-million pound plans to revive the under-threat language.

New moves to boost the language have been unveiled in a progress report on the 2017-227 Edinburgh Gaelic Language Plan (GLP), which also envisages the inclusion of a Gaelic translation in the council's corporate logo and a dramatic expansion in Gaelic medium teaching in city schools and nurseries.

The plan is open for consultation until 15 December and the Council is committed to working in partnership with Gaelic communities, organisations who deliver Gaelic services, Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the Scottish Government to achieve this goal.

This is the second Gaelic Language Plan produced by the Council and will build on the success of the previous one which saw the expansion of early Gaelic Medium Education (GME), a new GME primary school Parkside Primary and further development of Gaelic Learning Education at both primary and secondary schools.

In addition to its statutory duty to produce a plan every five years the Council’s business plan for 2017-22 has a specific commitment to support the continued development of GME.

City leaders insist the proposals - which are required by law and for which the Scottish Government is providing no extra funding - will not cost the public purse.

Councillor Lewis Ritchie, Gaelic Champion for the City of Edinburgh Council, said: “Gaelic is an integral part of our shared heritage and national identity and is a unique and essential feature of Scotland’s rich cultural tapestry.

“Gaelic belongs to everyone in Scotland, not least the citizens of Edinburgh and as the capital city, we have a special responsibility to ensure that the language is protected, supported and nurtured.

“As the City of Edinburgh Council’s Gaelic Champion, I am incredibly proud of the commitment that the Council continues to demonstrate towards Gaelic language and culture.

“However, the position of Gaelic and everything we have achieved so far remains extremely fragile – we must redouble our efforts and continue our commitment if we are to build on the success we have enjoyed."