Scotland's Brexit Secretary has said there is no prospect of the UK becoming a "glorious trading nation" after leaving the European Union.

But Michael Russell also said if no deal is reached with the EU, the result would be "chaos" and accused the Government of pursuing a "fantasy".

The comments come after Prime Minister Theresa May said the initiative for negotiations now lay with the EU side, adding ''the ball is in their court''.

Speaking to the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme, Mr Russell said: "It sounds like Wimbledon rather than the serious negotiation it needs to be.

"It is the UK which has chosen to leave the EU, clearly they have to come up with the proposals for discussion.

"If they are refusing to come up with the proposals and now openly talking about not taking part in negotiation and walking, that's a new degree of seriousness and it will cause enormous difficulty.

"This is a fantasy, they (the Government) are pursuing a fantasy, there isn't a good Brexit.

"It's no secret we don't agree with the policy, the policy was not voted for by Scotland.

"It is based upon a fantasy of the UK - some buccaneering, glorious trading nation - which just doesn't exist and can't exist, and it's important to say that."