A HOUSE at the centre of a police inquiry into a missing woman has been sold to two millionaire transport tycoons.

Minaz Rajabali, 57, and business partner Harinder Singh Kohli, 51, bought the ramshackle Inverkip cottage overlooking the Firth of Clyde for £120,000 from Margaret Fleming’s carers and plan to demolish it.

Eddie Cairney, 75, and Avril Jones, 56, sold up after the local authority ruled it unfit for habitation and they moved out last week.

The bungalow underwent extensive forensic examination during which the garden was dug up and divers trawled the shoreline in the hunt for Miss Fleming, 36, who has not been seen by anyone other than Mr Cairney and Miss Jones since December 17, 1999.

Mr Rajbali and Mr Kohli run haulage and recycling firm Slam Transport in Coventry which has assets of more than £5 million. They also develop properties and own a number of homes throughout the UK and abroad.

London-based Mr Kohli claims to have property developments under construction, including in the UK capital, New York, Poland and India.

The new owners were unavailable for comment.

The carers said they understand Ms Fleming is now an agricultural gangmaster.