SIR Nicholas Fairbairn, then Solicitor-General for Scotland, sexually assaulted a female guest during a live BBC Any Questions radio programme, it was claimed last night.

Dame Ann Leslie made the allegation during a Channel 4 News discussion about the growing number of sexual misconduct allegations in 
Westminster and elsewhere in public life.

The Daily Mail journalist detailed some incidents from her earlier life and added: “The worst one was when I was very young [and was] the first time I did Any Questions, which was live.

“I’m there, sitting next to one of the panellists, who was a man called Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, who was Solicitor-General in Scotland.”

When she realised what he had done, Dame Ann said: “I was so furious but also scared. I didn’t say it, but I always wished I had done.”

The former  MP died in February 1995.

In 2014, a woman said she had been raped by him when she was four.