New Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has reached out to young trade unionists, committing to strengthen links between his party and the movement.

He addressed the GMB Young Members' summit in Clydebank, where he pledged to represent the interests of working people.

The annual event brings together union members aged under 30 to discuss how to organise and campaign on behalf of workers.

Backing from the majority of trade unions helped Mr Leonard, a former GMB organiser, defeat Anas Sarwar in the recent leadership contest.

Closing the summit, Mr Leonard said: "This weekend is about the next generation of trade unionists who will lead the way in tackling the challenges in workplaces now and in the future.

"No longer can politicians in the Scottish Parliament walk by on the other side when working people face poverty pay and insecure work.

"My experience campaigning with GMB against low pay and for equal pay is something that will continue to inform my leadership of the Scottish Labour party and I will strive to be a Labour leader who brings the focus of Parliament to what matters to people's everyday lives.

"Working with trade unionists like GMB young members, grassroots organisations and Scottish communities we will fight the cuts from both the Tory and the SNP governments.

"It is by working together, as one movement, that we can bring real and radical change not only to Scottish Labour but to Scotland as a whole."

His appearance at the summit came as Scottish Labour launched a weekend of national campaigning, with activists on the streets across Scotland.

Mr Leonard will also meet UK leader Jeremy Corbyn this weekend - their first face-to-face meeting since his election as Scottish leader.