A CHARITY has been teaching children the benefits of growing their own food as part of an “urban crofting” and farmers’ market project.

Community Crops in Pots hopes to transform Scotland’s food system through a series of projects funded by the Good Food Nation Fund which include teaching children about sustainable food.

The Leith-based charity has developed an organic market garden, farmers’ market and an educational project. It said the three projects are interlinked and collectively will help deliver a fair, healthy, sustainable food system for the area.

The market’s mission is to provide the people of Leith with ethical, fresh local produce, raise awareness of the principles of sustainability and provide a gathering place to create and develop a greater sense of community.

A Crops in Pots spokesman said: “You will learn by getting your hands dirty and gaining some practical knowledge on the basics of growing your own food, including choosing what to grow, getting to know and nurturing the soil, starting new plants, helping established plants to thrive and increasing biodiversity in your garden.”