• Terrestrial

    EastEnders BBC1, 8pm
    Sean and Mo get on the dog and bone to hatch a plan to make some Arthur Ashe, but Yolande dives into the rub-a-dub and sees what's up. Out in the frog and toad, Max is becoming increasingly agitated by Bradley and Stacey's wedding, while Billy - who reckons it's flippin' taters in the mould - is increasingly paranoid about Jase fancying Honey.

Rosemary and Thyme ITV1, 9pm
Another chance to savour the sedate sleuthing of Laura Thyme (Pam Ferris), the former policewoman whose husband abandoned her for a younger woman, and Rosemary Boxer (Felicity Kendal), the plant biology lecturer with a stalled career. Deadly goings-on at a beautiful tennis camp in sunny southern Spain.

Fight for Life BBC1, 10.35pm
The ongoing celebration of the human body explores the prime of life, when human bodies are at their strongest and chances of survival are the greatest, despite the risks of injury or disease. Charlotte has a congenital heart condition and has been told that it's too dangerous for her to have a child. When she finds out she is expecting, Charlotte and her husband decide to continue with the pregnancy. Rubinder, a 26-year-old school teacher who recently moved from India to London with her husband, is hit by a speeding car. Two years ago Scott, a Nasa rocket engineer, was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease, which will eventually led to a painful death. With long waiting lists for transplants, the only other option is a live donation.

  • Digital

    North By Northwest TCM, 6.35pm
    Alfred Hitchcock's exhilarating and darkly comic thriller, starring Cary Grant as the dashing ad-man mistaken for a double agent. NB: when waiting for a bus, beware the approach of light aircraft.

BBC Proms 2007 BBC4, 7.30pm
Esa-Pekka Salonen makes a welcome return to the BBC Symphony Orchestra, live from the Royal Albert Hall, with his own selection of orchestral excerpts from Berlioz's great Shakespearean dramatic symphony Romeo and Juliet, Ravel's Le tombeau de couperin, a homage to early French dance forms and Salonen's thrilling new Piano Concerto. As one critic gushed after the recent New York world premiere: "This concerto scarcely ever stops for breath as jazz riffs, neoclassical techniques, synthetic folklore, bird calls a la Messiaen, and at least one big Rachmaninov tune clamour for attention."

Napoleon Dynamite Film 4, 9pm
Jared Hess's delightfully skewed high-school comedy stars Jon Heder as the film's eponymous anti-hero, a youth on the lowest rung of the nerd ladder. Even his best - and only - friend, Pedro Sanchez (Efren Ramirez), beats him to a date for the high school dance. But when Pedro asks Napoleon to be his campaign manager for the school election, how can he refuse? Napoleon's home life is pretty darn strange, too, with his brother, Kip (Aaron Ruell), whose waking hours are spent online in chat rooms, and his uncle, Rico (Jon Gries), who is stuck in 1982. Add a time-travel machine and cow-judging competitions for a compellingly weird film.

  • Radio

    India And Pakistan 07: Crossing The Border Radio 4, 9am
    Hardeep Singh Kohli, he of the magnificent high-rise turbans, launches a major series reflecting fast-changing Asian life. In Hardeep's trio of programmes, his personal journey takes him to the borders of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to hear the stories of those affected by partition 60 years ago.