FIVE more members of a notorious crime gang have been hit with strict court orders which will restrict their freedom even after they have been released from prison.

David Sell, 50, Anthony Woods, 44, Michael Bowman, 31, Francis Mulligan, 41, and Martyn Fitzsimmons, 37, have been handed Serious Crime Prevention Orders.

Lord Beckett yesterday imposed the orders on the five, who were part of a nine-strong group jailed for a total of 87 years earlier this week. They had admitted dealings in drugs, firearms, serious violence and dirty money.

The exact details of the SCPO sought by prosecutors were not revealed at the High Court in Glasgow – but they will last for five years against each member.

It is believed restrictions include associations they may have with certain individuals. Some are also affected if they wish to travel outside Scotland on their release from prison.

Woods will have to notify authorities within 24 hours if he wanted to go to elsewhere in the UK for work.

A number of the gang will also have certain restrictions placed on internet use and bank accounts.

Dr Nick McKerrell, lecturer in law at Glasgow Caledonian University, said the use of the prevention orders was a "little bit of Scottish legal history".

"The nine men convicted of the serious crimes this week will face restrictions on their behaviour unparalleled in society even amongst other convicted felons," he said.

"They could argue it is disproportionate and prevents the possibility of them being rehabilitated.

"However given the severity of the crimes involved, as long as the SCPOs were not for an undefined period of time it would be unlikely that such arguments would hold sway.

"These convictions seem ideally suited to the Serious Crime Prevention Orders.

"This could mark a new beginning in the use of post-jail punishment in the Scottish legal system."

Two others – Barry O’Neill, 37, and Mark Richardson, 30, – will return to court in March as the attempt to hit them with SCPOs continues.

Another two – Steven McArdle, 33, and Gerard Docherty, 42, – have already had five-year orders made against them.

SCPOs have been in place in England since 2007 but were only brought in in Scotland two years ago.