YOUNG Roma in Govanhill have been capturing the area's "beauty" with their cameras.

Since November last year seven young people from the area's Roma communities have been exploring their homes and streets, recording what they found.

Striking images, that will now go on display in Tramway, on Albert Drive, show scenes from family life around the South Side area.

Rahela Cirpaci, 20, said: “People get the wrong idea about Govanhill. There’s beauty here."

Her fellow photographer David Milosiu, 18, added: “People do up their houses but the rubbish in the street makes people think Govanhill is a dirty place.

"I want it to be nice place. I wish people would re-cycle more and not leave things in the street.

"I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to afford to rent my own house.”

Nikola Baran, 15, who also took part in PhotoMessage, said: "There are so many things you don’t look at, you would just step on them.

"I want to look at things more closely.

"Taking photographs makes you look closer.”

The young people taking part have been learning both documentary photography to explore their environment and studio portrait photography to create images of themselves and each other.

Sessions were held at creative workshops run by photographer Robin Mitchell of the Glasgow-based social enterprise media co-op.

Isac Milosiu, 17, said “I took a photograph of the place where I learned to play pool.

"It was where I first made friends with Scottish people. One of them gave me a pool cue.”

The youngest participant, Karolina Olszewska, 14, added: “People are friendly in Govanhill in some ways, but not in other ways.

"School is a great place to make connections across social divides.”

The Young Roma Photography project, PhotoMessage, is supported by Community Renewal in Govanhill and Friends of Romano Lav, funded by the People’s Health Trust and the New Economics Foundation.

Laura Balogova, 15, said “I only know a few of my neighbours that I say hi to. Some of kids are so cute, so talkative.

"Others hide in their Mum’s coat and stuff and are really shy.

"There are other kids who come in and run up and down and play Knock Knock Ginger.”

Miroslav Cuba of the Roma community organisation Friends of Romano Lav said “I’m so proud of the young people for the dedication and creativity they’ve demonstrated in this project.

"There can be prejudice against Roma people, so it’s important to hear their voices and to see Govanhill from their point of view.”

PhotoMessage opens on February 3, 2018 at Tramway and runs until Sunday, March 11, 2018.