GLASGOW’S Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is to host a group exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Michael C McMillen and Glasgow artists Alberta Whittle and Mitch Miller.

Entitled Inner City, it explores questions about the modern city, hidden communities and cultural identity.

Michael C McMillen is a visual artist in the very widest sense and has created props and special effects for the film industry, including Blade Runner and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

He said: “I’m really happy to see this work re-emerge. It’s like seeing an old friend after 20 years. I’m happy to see it shared with a new generation; I see art as a kind of visual poetry that the visitor completes with their own associations and memories.”

Local artist Mitch Miller’s artworks also explore hidden or forgotten communities in an attempt to make them more discernible.

Three works depicting a community flat in Edinburgh, Clydebank Library, and a bar on the Red Road Housing Estate in Glasgow feature alongside an unfinished work portraying Britain’s longest student occupation at University of Glasgow.

He said: “I’m very excited to exhibit my work alongside Michael and Alberta. This is the first time I’ve exhibited at the GoMA.”