LABOUR'S leadership will re-examine the party's Brexit policy at an "away day" tomorrow, the Sunday Herald has learned.

Jeremy Corbyn has called the summit of senior party figures to consider whether to back single market and customs union membership. The party has can be attacked for lack of clarity when it comes to Brexit.

Last night, senior Labour figures said Corbyn may be poised to soften the party's position.

Corbyn and his closest advisors will lead the secret talks in London.

Leading frontbench allies such as shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, are also due to attend.

Corbyn has comes under sustained pressure from within his own party to alter the party's Brexit stance.

Labour's official position is to honour the outcome of the 2016 referendum, but back a deal that allows single market access.

The party has refused to support full membership of the single market and customs union.

However, a senior Labour MP confirmed the away day would consider a policy shift.

The Labour MP said: "Most people on the backbenches assume Jeremy is on the brink of breaking the habit of a lifetime and coming out in favour of staying in the customs union.

"He was reminding us this week of his opposition to the Iraq War in 2003 but he needs to be equally bold on the most important issue of 2018.

"If he does not the 40-plus people who have been rebelling against the Labour whip on this issue could double."

The MP said they were hopeful the leadership would back a softer Brexit.

The "away day" is taking place immediately after the party’s national policy-making body in Leeds this weekend.

Corbyn is expected to be challenged over the EU policy today, the final day of the National Policy Forum.