CONTROVERSIAL singer Morrissey caused furious concert goers to leave his Glasgow gig midway through the performance after he condemned the First Minister.

The star said: "I am curious to ask you a question.

"Do any of you actually like Nicola Sturgeon?

"Those hands will be in anybody's pockets."

Several concert goers are said to have left the concert at the Hydro following the remarks.

REVIEW: Morrissey, SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Morrissey has a track record of making controversial or contrarian statements which result in publicity. 

He has previously urged Scots to vote for independence. 

"They must cut ties with the United King-dumb," he told Hot Press magazine in 2014. "I love Scotland, and I love the Scottish spirit and they do not need Westminster in the least."

The singer's Aberdeen gig also saw controversy when a Scots fan was banned from all his future concerts gigs for threatening the chart-topper's safety.

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Hugh Clark has followed his idol for years but was pulled aside before the ex-Smiths star started his tour in Aberdeen on Thursday, and told that he was a danger with his mugshot circulated to all future Morrissey venues.

As the tour bus arrived at the city's AECC, Morrissey security team collared him.

Speaking on Twitter, Hugh revealed: "Morrissey's head of security (Donny) and his personal bodyguard took me aside outside the venue today in Aberdeen.

"Donny said he's been following my comments on social media -believes I'm a threat to Morrissey's safety.

"Stop laughing. That's the reason given to ban me from all gigs."

While Hugh tried to plead his case, the pair refused to reconsider.

Phil added: "The other guy said nothing. Not even a polite hello or my name is. He was there in an attempt to intimidate.

"They are overpaid.

"The whole farce is to justify a wage.

There was zero attempt to engage on any intellectual level for obvious reasons."

One fan who witnessed the exchange commented: "He was told by the security guard that his social media activity was noticed and that Morrissey did not feel comfortable having him at shows and that his picture would be given to security at all future venues.

"When Hugh asked if Morrissey knows about this decision to ban him, the security guard said no, it was the security guard's own decision."

Hugh - who did not wish to comment further - also had tickets for the gig at Glasgow's SSE Hydro on Saturday but had to sell them on after his ban.

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Morrissey, 58, has previously banned fans who've spoken about him publicly.

In 2011, he blacklisted David Tseng who runs fan website Morrissey-Solo, David commented: "It's a control thing. If he doesn't have control of the site then he doesn't like it – he wants to knock it down."

The tour continues on Tuesday at Dublin's 3 Arena, before carrying on around the UK.