CAMPAIGNERS formed a human chain around the Scottish Parliament to protect “democratic rights” in the wake of Brexit.

Hundreds of protesters – many carrying pro-independence flags and banners – gathered outside Holyrood to protest against a Westminster “power grab”.

The event was organised by the Hands Off Our Parliament group, which has accused the Conservative government of undermining devolution.

Tom Gordon: SNP stands to benefit long-term from Brexit Bill fallout

It comes just days after the Scottish Government voted to push ahead with its own Brexit legislation amid an ongoing row over powers.

Scottish ministers have accused Westminster of attempting to seize control of areas that should be devolved to Scotland after the UK leaves the EU.

Tom Gordon: SNP stands to benefit long-term from Brexit Bill fallout

David Patrick, 50, a maths tutor and musician from Edinburgh, said Brexit was being used as a cover for re-writing the devolution settlement.

He said: “You have a government faced with a secessionist movement that is looking to do everything possible to neuter it.

“As someone who believes in independence and sees the devolution settlement as a stepping stone towards it, any act against that the settlement is extremely disturbing.”

Organisers said they were moved to take action to “protect the voice of Scotland through the Scottish Parliament".

As well as the human chain, which stretched around the entirety of the parliament building, dozens of “Yes bikers” organised a noisy drive past.

Frequent chants of “Where’s your cameras, BBC?” could be heard among the crowds, including from some who said they didn’t watch the BBC on principle.