Archbishop Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh, has described his "great privilege" as he celebrated what is believed to be the first ever Mass in the Scottish Parliament.

Commenting on the occasion, Anthony Horan, Director of the Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Office said the parliament was a fitting place to hold the service, in Holy Week.

He said: ‘The celebration of Holy Mass, the summit of Catholic life, is an opportunity to express prayers for the work of our elected representatives and for the common good of society. Of course, Holyrood means Holy Cross, so in that sense, parliament is a most fitting place for this historic celebration.’

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Archbishop Leo Cushley said: "It is a great privilege to be officially invited to offer Holy Mass within the Scottish Parliament, the first such invitation since the parliament's re-establishment 19 years ago.

"It is a generous gesture which seems to recognise that Catholics are valued participants in the civic life of contemporary Scotland, where we seek to work with others in advancing the common good."