NICOLA Sturgeon has condemned a “sickening” anti-Muslim campaign as she vowed Scotland would stand together to oppose hatred.

The First Minister said words didn’t do justice to how she felt on hearing about “Punish a Muslim day”.

The vile online craze awards points to those who attack people in hijabs or burn down mosques on a particular day next month.

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It is already being probed by counter-terrorism police in England after letters were sent to five MPs.

Ms Sturgeon spoke out after Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar raised the hate-filled “game” during First Minister’s Questions.

She said: “In many way, what Anas Sarwar has just read out there – I find it very difficult to find words that are adequate to describe it.

“It’s sickening, it’s appalling, it’s disgusting, it’s deeply disturbing – it’s all of that and more. But I feel that none of that really does it justice. It certainly doesn’t do justice to what I feel, and I know all of us feel, about that.

“I have, as many of us do, many friends and constituents in the Muslim community. So I know, and I see first hand the impact that this kind of prejudice, hate, discrimination has on them, and I feel so deeply for every single one of them.

“I do think it’s very important for us to recognise that these are attacks directed at the Muslim community, and none of us can pretend to know exactly how that feels, but all of us should be absolutely clear when we say that these attacks on the Muslim community, or on any individual Muslim – we treat as attacks on all of us.

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“For all our political divisions and debates, this is one Scotland. And anybody who chooses to live here – no matter their faith, no matter the country they come from – this is their country, this is their home, we value them, we want them here. And that is the message that should ring out from this parliament.

“So whatever else divides us, let us be absolutely united in saying that those who perpetrate hate crimes – because that’s what is, hate crime – of this nature will never, ever be allowed to win, because Scotland will stand united against them. And it is that unity that will always prevail.”

She said the Scottish Government was engaging with the UK Government, Police Scotland and the Muslim Council of Scotland to ensure the safety of Muslims.

The “Punish a Muslim” letters, which have been shared widely on social media, urge people to verbally abuse Muslims, pull their head-scarves off, beat them up, torture them, throw acid in their face and even “butcher” them.

READ MORE: Police Scotland on alert over racist online craze dubbed 'Punish a Muslim'

More points are awarded for the most extreme actions, with 1000 on offer for those who “burn or bomb a mosque”.

Holyrood’s chamber fell silent as Mr Sarwar read out quotes from the letter and asked MSPs to imagine they were a Muslim woman or child.

He condemned the campaign as “shocking, shameful and sickening”, and urged the First Minister to send a message to ethnic minorities “that this is your home and we stand with you”.

He urged Muslims to go about their daily lives but remain vigilant, adding: “And a message to the haters: an attack on one Scot, regardless or faith or race, is an attack on all Scots, and we will never let you win.”