BREXIT will have a "damaging impact" on Scotland's NHS, the Royal College of Midwives has warned.

Leaving the EU will harm funding for midwifery and training for the profession, it said.

The RCM made the claim in a resolution to the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in Aviemore from April 16-18.

Its motion claimed that all parts of the UK, including those with devolved parliaments, would face greater austerity due to Brexit.

The RCM said: “The decisions made about the way in which the UK leaves the European Union will have a colossal impact on the UK, including matters that are devolved.

"This will include, for example, the future availability of funding and staff for the National Health Service and other public services.

"This will have a damaging impact on, for example, the number of midwives and the number of training places for future midwives.

"Brexit will also see working people across the UK no longer protected by minimum EU rules on employment and other rights."

The RCM's motion said the consent of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parliaments "must be obtained before the UK Government can sign any withdrawal agreement” from the EU.