IT is the biggest single art work ever staged at Glasgow’s premier visual arts festival.

Seventy-six metres long, and 6m high at its loftiest point, The Regenerators runs along the length of a Gas Purifier building in Dalmarnock, in the east end of Glasgow.

The art work, a light-hearted comment on change and urban regeneration in the city, is printed on the paper used for billboards. It has been made by artist Mick Peter and a group of young artists from the west of Scotland.

The comic-like art is the most public display in the Glasgow International visual arts festival (GI), which kicks off in venues across the city this weekend.

Artists Caitlin Callaghan, Luke Andrew, Fraser Whiting and Thomas Whiting, studying or about to study at Glasgow School of Art, helped make the work.

Behind the facade of the installation are several “rooms” which can be viewed through apertures in the boards, although the festival expects most of its audience to be drivers on the nearby A728.

GI includes shows in nearly 80 venues and runs until May 7.