A fast food giant has apologised to an ambulance crew who were left hungry after being refused service when their vehicle was too big to fit the drive-through.

Emergency service worker Steven McAllister and his crew arrived at McDonald's after a long seven-hour shift – but their vehicle was too large to get to the window.

When one of the crew attempted to get served by walking to the window at the Irvine, North Ayrshire, branch he was told it is against their policy to serve anyone from the window unless inside a vehicle.

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But McDonald’s have since issued an apology to the ambulance crew.

The fast-food giants blamed health and safety policies for its staff being unable to serve customers on foot from the drive-through window.

Mr McAllister said he was disappointed after attending the restaurant a number of times in his work – including one incident where a staff member was suffering from a heart-attack.

He said: "My colleague went to the window and asked if we could get a takeaway but we were told unless we drive through we are not allowed.

"We told them the ambulance is too big to get round, but they said no that’s their policy. So it must be their policy.

"But I was a bit disappointed, we had worked from 7pm and then at about 2.15am we went there.

"Your selection is limited on the night shift so we went there, hey presto they’re open 24/7 it says, so we were all a bit disappointed – and hungry.

"You would think they could rethink maybe serving emergency services that time of night – you can’t get a fire engine round it either.

"We have been to that particular McDonald’s on official business on a number of occasions I’ve been there when one of their janitor’s was having a heart attack – so I was just a bit disappointed."

A McDonald's spokeswoman issued a statement apologising.

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The statement said: "Due to licensing restrictions at our Irvine restaurant the dining area cannot be opened overnight.

"The Drive Thru is open 24 hours but unfortunately vehicles as large as an ambulance cannot fit through the lane.

"We would like to apologise to the ambulance crew involved in this incident who were unable to access the restaurant but due to health and safety regulations, we cannot serve anyone on-foot via any of our Drive-Thru lanes.

"However, wherever possible we are keen to serve anyone from our emergency services and will be in touch with them to make amends."