MORE than half of Scots think the country would be better off in Europe – with a clear majority backing membership of the EU single market.

Scots are considerably more pro-EU than the UK overall, with even one in ten Leave voters saying they would now change their vote.

A major new Brexit survey of almost 17,000 readers of Johnson Press, Newsquest – which owns The Herald – and Trinity Mirror websites in Scotland shows 64 per cent believe Britain would be better off economically inside Europe. This compares to just 52 per cent across the UK.

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Those in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands were the most likely to say Britain will be better off outside the EU, at 40 per cent each.

Figures also reveal most people are unhappy with the status of Brexit negotiations – including half of all Leave voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Those aged 65 and over are the most likely to be pleased with progress.

However, most of those surveyed said they would still stick with how they voted, with 89 per cent of people who said they voted in the referendum insisting they would vote the same way as last time if another poll was held next week.

In Scotland, 11 per cent of Leave voters said they would change their vote, compared to 5 per cent of Remain voters.

Overall, Leave voters were twice as likely to say they would change their vote (8 per cent) compared to Remain voters (4 per cent).

The survey also asked 8,200 readers of Johnson Press and Trinity Mirror sites in Northern Ireland about customs controls at the border with the Republic of Ireland, with 67 per cent saying they would not be acceptable.

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Among Leave voters, 53 per cent said customs controls would be acceptable, with 34 per cent saying they would not be acceptable, while 85 per cent of Remain voters said such controls would be unacceptable.

The study, run in partnership with Google Surveys, was completed online by 216,800 people who visited the website.

Johnson Press is the publisher of The Scotsman newspaper, while Trinity Mirror publishes the Daily Record. All three companies also own a range of local titles.