A former hotel owner has been ordered to repay almost £100,000 which he made from trafficking workers from Bangladesh.

Shamsul Arefin, 50, was jailed for three years in 2015 after he was found guilty of human trafficking.

He has now been ordered to repay the money he made through his exploitation of four men while he owned the Stewart Hotel near Appin in the Highlands, the Crown Office said.

Arefin recruited the men from Bangladesh with promises of employment and a salary which could help them improve their lives.

They were told to pay him substantial sums of money in return for the jobs, and the victims sold family valuables, took loans and used their savings to raise the money.

However when they arrived in Scotland the men found their salaries were substantially lower to those they had been promised, they were working excessively long hours, and their duties were far beyond what they expected.

Their salaries left the men unable to repay the debts they had accrued, and one was threatened that his kidney would be removed because he couldn't pay.

Arefin was found guilty of breaches of the Asylum and Immigration Act in July 2015 at Fort William Sheriff Court and was jailed for three years.

Prosecutors said that Arefin made substantial amounts of money through his exploitation of his victims.

A confiscation order for £93,443 was granted at Fort William Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

Liam Murphy, Procurator Fiscal for Specialist Casework, said: "Arefin took advantage of vulnerable people for his own financial gain, making significant amounts of money from the suffering of others.

"Our proceeds of crime team have been working to ensure Arefin will not be able to keep the money he made by trafficking people into labour."