ONE of the potential rivals to Glasgow's bid for the new Channel 4 headquarters has thrown its weight behind the plan.

A day after receiving the backing of Edinburgh for its bid, Glasgow has received support from Dundee.

Dundee, with its recent history of digital innovation, particularly in video gaming, and strong cultural scene, had been considered to be a city that could potentially make a bid for one of the three new hubs being planned by the broadcaster.

However the city's council leader, John Alexander, said that a Channel 4 HQ in Glasgow could also benefit the "creative talent and skills" in Dundee.

Glasgow is currently putting the finishing touches to its bid to Channel 4, a 5000-word document that has to be lodged with the broadcaster by May 11.

The Glasgow bid also received enthusiastic support from the City of Edinburgh Council this week.

Councillor Alexander said: "Like Dundee, Glasgow continues to seek new opportunities and to offer an exciting, viable and dynamic alternative to London.

"Success in attracting the headquarters would provide additional benefits across Scotland, especially for our own region.

"Glasgow has a wealth of talent, a track record of delivering success and continues to provide an important gateway to wider Scotland."

Dundee is unveiling its own major cultural addition this year, with the opening of the V&A Dundee in September.

Cllr Alexander added: "I hope that if successful, the creative talents and skills based here in Dundee would have a direct relationship with Channel 4 and they could support the organisation to explore further opportunities for collaboration in the future.

"I am very happy to back Glasgow and will offer all the support we can give."

Stuart Cosgrove, chair of the Glasgow bid, said: “Glasgow is the beating heart of Scotland’s production sector and media; but it is also a gateway to incredible talent and innovation across the country and beyond.

"Dundee has become an energetic city of creativity, technology and world-class design – and it is tremendous to have that kind of knowledge, expertise and quality backing Glasgow."

Adam McVey, the leader of the City of Edinburgh Council, said that a successful Glasgow bid would be a boon for the creative industries throughout Scotland.

The May 11 deadline will be shortly followed by a key date on May 30, when cities are told which bid has made the short list.

From 11 to 20 June, the short listed cities will make presentations with visits from the Channel 4 leaders.

The eventual winner of the national HQ will be announced in October.

Channel 4 are creating two other hubs as well as the national HQ: these will not include studio complexes but will have commissioning powers.

Glasgow is facing competition from cities in England, notably Birmingham, as well as Bristol and Cardiff in Wales.

Channel 4 executives have said that its ideal site for the new national HQ should be within three hours of London, but Glasgow's team remains confident of its case for landing the facility, which will include a studio as well as commissioning powers.

Train journeys to and from London to Glasgow last longer than three hours, however, Glasgow bid will emphasise the proximity of Glasgow International Airport as well as other air links in Scotland.

Several sites in Glasgow, some near or in regeneration areas, are already being appraised for the potential studio site.