THE sister of a disabled woman has been jailed for a minimum 23 years after being convicted of her brutal murder.

Lynnette Greenop left Sharon Greenop to suffer an agonising death at their home in Troon, Ayrshire.

The helpless 46 year-old had multiple rib and neck fractures following a lengthy campaign of neglect and abuse.

Her badly decomposing body then lay in the house for weeks as Lynnette carried on “business as usual”.

This included them pocketing their dead relative’s benefit money.

She even went to music gig with niece Shayla Greeno, 20 – with claims she introduced her aunt as “mum”.

Sharon’s corpse was only found in November 2016 when a next door neighbour reported an odour in his home.

But, when police turned up, they were told Sharon was “sleeping”. A jury heard how Lynnette Greenop, 40, went on to confess to a former neighbour: “Aye, I did it.”

Lynnette had denied murder during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow. She effectively blamed Shayla – who had also been accused of the killing.

Lynnette was found guilty while the jury found Shayla not proven of murder. Jurors heard how Sharon was registered disabled after suffering a spinal injury in 2009. The mother initially lived at the house in Troon with Shayla while carers gave daily help to Sharon. Lynnette – who had stayed elsewhere in Ayrshire – later moved in.

Lynnette was described in court as an “aggressive, overbearing, confrontational, troublesome individual”

Prosecutors stated Sharon was assaulted on various occasions between September 8 and November 10 2016.

It is thought she was bludgeoned by “objects or objects”, choked as well as injuries also inflicted “by means unknown”.

A pathologist said Sharon may have lain dead for several weeks – possibly from around mid-October.

Lynnette carried on her normal lives despite the grim reality in the terraced house.

She continued to bank Sharon’s £390-a-week benefits cash. Lynnette also had a weekly £62 carers allowance.

Neither Lynnette or Shayla gave evidence during the trial.

Lynnette showed no emotion as she was found guilty.

Lady Carmichael told her: “Sharon Greenop died after what must have been weeks of pain and fear.”