MENTORING programme MCR Pathways has partnered with Strathclyde University's Business School to create an accredited leadership training course.

Based on the MCR model of relationship focussed mentoring the Leadership Through MCR Mentoring will be accredited at SCQF Level 7 by the university.

The two-year course, launching in June, aims to build leadership skills by incorporating MCR mentoring, alongside academic learning.

MCR Pathways works in conjunction with all secondary schools in Glasgow, and now across Scotland, supporting young people through volunteer one-on-one mentors who listen and encourage.

This can be transformational for both mentor and mentee.

Mentors have an opportunity to put into practice essential skills, including empathy and active listening, that can also have an enormous impact in the workplace.

Iain MacRitchie, founder of MCR Pathways, said: “This course demonstrates the benefits of mentoring very well.

"It’s one of a kind and can be easily incorporated into a busy working week."