Lindsay and John Paul Harkins

For 36-year-old John Paul Harkins, the royal wedding wasn’t the big event he was worried about his wedding clashing with yesterday. The Celtic fan wasn’t too amused when the Scottish Cup final date was set on the same day. “He’s not happy about that, but he was the one who picked the date so he’s the one to blame,” laughed 24-year-old bride Lindsay.

Kirsty and Johanna O’Neill

THE big day had been on the horizon for 27-year-old Johanna O’Neill and her new wife Kirsty for much longer than the royal couple. The pair have been engaged for three-and-a-half years. “What’s different about me and Johanna is we’ve never been in a same-sex relationship before,” Kirsty, an auxiliary nurse, said. “We just met, fell in love and we’ve been together ever since.” For Kirsty, also 27, sharing the day with Harry and Meghan made it even more memorable. “As soon as the Royal wedding date was announced, my cousin texted me to tell me the news. I thought, that’s something you can always look back on,” Kirsty said.

The couple hope to start a family: “That’s the next step we’re taking,” said Kirsty. “It’s all coming together now, it’s nice.”

Marcin and Barbara Malm

IT was a 1940/ 50s-themed wedding for 37-year-old Marcin Malm and wife Barbara, 48. The couple have been together for nine years and May 19 is a very special date for them. “The reason we picked that date is because that’s when we met nine years ago,” explained Barbara.

A friend of Punk fan Barbara’s even went the extra mile for the pair and created a sign in the style of the Sex Pistols’ iconic Never Mind The B******s, Here’s The Sex Pistols album cover, which said: “Never mind the Royals, here’s the Malms.”

But it took a while for Marcin, who’s from Poland, to get Barbara down the aisle: “He’d asked me various times to get engaged and I always said no, but when we were on holiday last summer I thought, why not?” she said.

The couple, who are foster carers, managed to compromise on the entertainment for the wedding reception. “We had a ska band playing,” Barbara said. “Marcin loves his reggae and I was brought up on punk so ska was a happy medium.”


David Cameron’s former Scotland adviser Ramsay Jones got married yesterday to Jennifer Manton on Jura. Jones was tweeting about his big day yesterday using the hashtag #NotTheRoyalWedding.

Responding to one tweet which mentioned Jeremy Corbyn “sending best wishes” to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Jones said: “I’m sure it was a simple oversight that they didn’t mention (his wife) @MantonJen and I."

Ramsay Jones was Scotland Advisor to former PM David Cameron, and worked for the Scottish Conservatives at the Scottish Parliament. He is now managing director of Gen Comms.