A new poll has revealed Scots are far less royalist than other Britons.

In the run-up to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, just 41 per cent of people north of the border said they backed the monarchy.

However, only 28 per cent said they were opposed to the institution with 27 per cent describing themselves as ambivalent.

This compared with clear majority backing for the monarchy in England where 55 per cent were for and just 14 per cent against.

Delta Poll surveyed around 500 people in each of the four nations of the United Kingdom on behalf of the centre-right think-tank Policy Exchange. Support for the monarchy was 49 per cent in Wales and 52 per cent in Northern Ireland.

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Royal Wedding fever appeared much less intense in Scotland than elsewhere. Only two street parties were organised in the country.

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP said: “Given the challenges we need to tackle in our society - including inequalities in income, health and education - it’s no surprise that Scots are least likely to support the anachronism that is the monarchy.

“It serves only as a distraction from those important issues and a reminder of the social inequality that the UK class system is based on.”

The Herald: MSP Patrick Harvie

Patrick Harvie

Monarchist Murdo Fraser, a Conservative MSP, took heart from the numbers. He said: “This poll shows that there is substantial support in Scotland for the monarchy, contrary to the claims made in some quarters.

“The benefit of having a constitutional monarchy, as opposed to an elected politician as head of state, is still widely recognised.”

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Scotland was the only nation of the UK where a majority did not see the monarchy as a unifying force after Brexit, the poll found.