Everyone should have the chance to enjoy a long and happy retirement. Choosing the right retirement plan helps you to relax, knowing that your family are protected and your wishes are recorded.

A Ready4Retirement retirement plan provides three key elements for you including a funeral plan, a Will and Power of Attorney to loved ones, giving you peace of mind.

In the past there were very few funeral plan providers which meant prices were high. However, with the introduction of several new low-priced funeral plans - starting from as little as £1,500 – funeral plans are more manageable and affordable.

The purpose of a funeral plan is to minimise distress for loved ones at a difficult time and having the finances set-aside is very useful.

Many funeral plan providers offer to ‘guarantee’ a fixed price with their plans. Often saying you will “beat the rising costs of funerals”. What if you have committed to paying a higher value at today's cost when funeral prices may start to fall? Ready4Retirement provides a comprehensive plan that is reviewed annually to ensure you and your family are paying the right amount to cover your funeral costs upwards or downwards.

Ready4Retirement also offer a cash-back guarantee with their plans. So if you have a plan worth £3,000, and your family only pays £1,400 for a funeral service, then Ready4Retirement will write out a cheque to your family back for the remaining £1,600, ensuring they look after you and your family’s interests at all times.

Plan ahead for peace of mind

A survey carried out on ITV Show ‘Funerals: A Costly Undertaking?’ found that 41 per cent of adults don’t even know whether their partner wants a burial or a cremation. These are worrying statistics and this lack of communication could also lead to an overly expensive bill for your family. The first thing to do to help avoid that large funeral bill is to plan ahead.

The average funeral cost in Scotland is over £3,800 and funerals have been attributed to debt totalling a staggering £147 million.

Taking out a funeral plan is a quick and easy process that make sure your family is protected against unforeseen financial costs. You can set up a plan with monthly payments that suit your budget and your lifestyle.

What’s included in your Ready4Retirement plan?

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans: A Flexible pre-paid funeral plan that is designed to keep your family protected. This plan captures all of your funeral requirements so that your family are fully aware of your wishes. The plan supports your family financially at their time of need, protecting them from unforeseen costs.

Power of Attorney: Dedicated advisors can produce a POA for you during a one to one consultation either over the phone or during a free home visit. A Power of Attorney is a written document that allows someone else to make decisions on your behalf if you’re ever in a situation when you’re incapable of making decisions yourself.

Free Will Storage: Some funeral plan providers charge up to £15 per month for Will Storage, Ready4Retirement offer all customers this service completely free of charge.

Free Annual Review: Each customer is contacted every year to make sure their will still reflects their wishes and to check if any of your circumstances have changed.

Free Will Amendments: Ready4Retirement feels that having a will which reflects your current wishes is very important. That’s why, unlike many other will writers, they do not charge customers for making amendments and can meet more complex needs.

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