THE Conservative Party has a "moral duty" to refresh itself and look to the “entire nation” if it is to succeed at the next General Election, Ruth Davidson said at the launch of a new think-tank aimed at attracting younger voters to the Tory cause.

Onward, which bears similarities to En marche!, the movement that swept Emmanuel Macron to power in France, was launched at Westminster last night with not only the backing of Ms Davidson but also her colleague Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary.

The pairing has already raised suggestions that the two Scots could form a “dream ticket” north and south of the border, bringing together the Remain and Leave factions, once Theresa May decides to stand down.

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Research has shown that only nine per cent of 25 to 39-year-olds said they would vote Conservative at the next election.

Using a social media metaphor, Ms Davidson said her party must look beyond “serrano or gammon” and said younger voters were being presented with a false choice between tasty European ham and the tradition British sliced meat, which has been used as a metaphor for red-faced, older right-wing voters.

The 39-year-old party leader, who is pregnant, went on: "The question is how we forge an open-feeling, forward-looking Conservatism that speaks equally to all. I believe Onward represents exactly what we need: an instinctive sunniness; a sense of being comfortable with the modern world and a willingness to listen."

She explained: “We have to speak equally to the pensioner, worried about keeping the meter running on a fixed income just as much as we speak to the working parents counting the cost of childcare, every bit as much as we do the just-graduated 21-year-old graphic designer looking for a flat-share. We have it in us to speak to the entire nation and we must.”

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Ms Davidson said her party had always had a taste for reinventing itself to win. "We have to refresh ourselves. We have a moral duty to do so. We are up against the politics of anger and we have to provide a compelling alternative; one that sticks," declared the Edinburgh MSP.

Onward will draw up policies aimed at bolstering the Conservative Government and will feed into the Tory manifesto for the 2022 election.