PEOPLE across Scotland are being asked to become part of a new pro-EU drive for those who want to halt Brexit.

A number of figures and activists have already put their name to the "Declaration: Scotland for Europe", a Scottish civil society campaign which launches today.

As part of the campaign, Scots are being asked to sign their names to "commit to work with and support people and organisations of all political views and of none to maintain our European Union membership."

The drive already has the backing of more than 40 figures, including actor Brian Cox, Partick Harvie MSP, broadcaster Lesley Riddoch, and Sir Menzies "Ming" Campbell.

The organisers say it will also act as a network for those in Scotland who are or who want to take action to halt Brexit.

One of the coordinators, Vanessa Glynn, chair of European Movement in Scotland, said that the plans for Brexit were looking "increasingly damaging and out of control".

She said: "We can and must change our direction – in a democracy, we can always do that.

"Time is running out, and we call on all those who care about Scotland and Europe to sign our Declaration and join our campaign."

Andrew Burns, Convener of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, one of the signatories, said: "For almost two years, SCVO and our members have grappled with the manifold issues thrown up by the UK's decision to exit from the European Union.

"People in Scotland voted by a sizeable majority to stay in the EU, and all our evidence shows that strength of feeling in the third sector is even greater.

"We believe that nothing is inevitable about our departure from the EU and consider that now is the time to put the brakes on process which - however it is concluded - would have a negative impact on communities all across Scotland."