REFUGEES and asylum seekers will be given the right to vote under new plans being put forward by the Scottish Government.

It confirmed proposals to extend the voting franchise to all resident EU and non-EU adults, and said this would include those seeking asylum.

It follows a consultation on extending the right to vote in Scotland, a move which would require a two-thirds majority in the Scottish Parliament to bring into force.

Parliamentary business minister Joe FitzPatrick told MSPs: “In my view, people who have been welcomed here as refugees and people who are going through the process of seeking asylum should be included.

“Scotland is a welcoming country and our intention to extend the opportunity to vote to all those who are legally resident in Scotland, whatever their place of birth, should include refugees and asylum seekers.”

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer, who has campaigned on the issue, said he was “delighted” by the comments.

He said: “Scotland's history of taking in those in need of a safe home is a long one and continues today. I look forward to further details in Parliament on extending the franchise."