Human rights organisation Amnesty International has told Prime Minister Theresa May to reform Northern Ireland’s abortion law.

The devolved government at Stormont in Belfast collapsed 17 months ago, meaning Westminster has the power to change the law. However, the DUP, which is propping up Theresa May’s minority government, is against abortion.

Theresa May said on Friday “a woman should be able to access safe legal abortion” but that her “preferred option” was the decision to change the law in Northern Ireland was made by the Assembly.

Amnesty International’s Northern Ireland campaigns manager, Grainne Teggart, said the comments indicated that the Prime Minister could take the option to offer MPs the opportunity to change the law in a free vote.

“It is right that this happens, inaction is no longer an option,” he said. “The Supreme Court has made clear that the current law needs radical reconsideration. Cross-party support for change is also growing significantly, including among key figures in the Conservative Party.

“It is both hypocritical and insulting to women to sustain a situation where they can access free, safe and legal abortion if they board a plane to the rest of the UK but deny them care, compassion and healthcare at home. The time has come for deeds not words. Westminster can and must act.”