The former manager of Clyde FC is suing the cash-strapped club for almost £30,000 for breach of contract.

Jim Chapman was just five months into his two-year contract with the Cumbernauld side when he left the club in October last year after a run of poor results.

His departure came just days after heated exchanges between the management team and fans during a home defeat to Elgin City.

Mr Chapman has now launched an employment tribunal against the fan-owned team, which operates as a Community Interest Club.

He is seeking a payout of £27,390 for breach of contract, as well as more than £800 for unpaid holiday pay.

The tribunal initially awarded in favour of the ex-manager as the club failed to lodge a response on time, but that decision has now been overturned at Clyde’s request and a full hearing is scheduled take place at a later date.

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In a written decision on the case, employment judge Robert Gall stated: “The claimant was on a fixed two-year contract with the respondents.

“His claim is for breach of contract on the basis that he maintains he ought to have been employed for a two-year period and is therefore entitled to the full amount of his salary for the remainder of his contract.”

Mr Chapman, who was a forward for Albion Rovers and Dumbarton during his playing career, has also lodged a claim for unlawful deduction of wages.

The judgment, which ruled that Clyde should now be allowed to defend the action, also detailed how the club lied about seeking legal advice.

Club chairman Norrie Innes told Mr Chapman’s lawyer that he had been advised that the club were on “strong ground”, when he had not even contacted a solicitor.

Mr Innes also emailed the tribunal to say that the claim would be “robustly defended” and again referred to having legal representation when he did not.

The club had not contacted a lawyer “because of the difficult financial position they were in, wishing to restrict their costs”.

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When Mr Innes was asked about lying, he told the tribunal that he had been “boxing clever”.

Judge Gall said the chairman had lied “in an attempt to call [Mr Chapman’s] bluff by stating that the respondents had a strong case”.

The judge added: “I did not see the actions of Mr Inness in the period after the claim had been lodged as ‘boxing clever’.

“It would have course been better had the respondents actually taken legal advice.

“Had he taken legal advice he might have been better prepared for the tribunal claim being served upon the respondents and perhaps then to have taken steps to defend the claim within the appropriate time period.”

At the time of Mr Chapman’s departure, assistant manager John Joyce also left the club.

Speaking as their departures were announced, Mr Innes said: “We as a board have worked very hard on the commercial and football operational side of the club.

“On both, we have made significant progress and we are building positive, long-term relationships and core facilities that will continue regardless of who is in position.

“However, it is clear that the overall performance, league results and position are not aligned with our expectations.”

Mr Chapman was replaced by Danny Lennon, who was appointed on November 13 last year.