The Pavilion theatre is to open it's door at the end of this week, three months after it was threatened with devastation from a nearby fire.

The popular theatre was forced to close after a blaze broke out in Victoria's nightclub on Sauchiehall Street in March.

The fire caused widespread damage, with the nightclub and area around since being demolished and the surrounding streets remaining closed.

Now operators said they will be gaining access to the theatre this week as plans get underway for its renovation.

Glasgow City Council also said it will reduce the exclusion zone around the areas, allowing full access to footways on Hope Street and Renfield Street.

However it said that the part of Sauchiehall Street between Hope Street and Renfield Street would remain closed, as well as Renfield Lane.

The theatre's manager Iain Gordon confirmed a grand reopening of the theatre on September 5 to bring it "back to its former glory".

The opening will feature a staging of Celtic: The Musical to herald the start of its autumn season.

Sauchiehall Street has been hit by two devastating fires in recent months, including the blaze that destroyed Victoria's nightclub.

Last month the Glasgow School of Art and neighbouring O2 ABC concert venue were engulfed by an inferno that has badly impacted on the surrounding area.

A task force has now been set up up to help local businesses affected, including support for those who have lost their jobs as a result of the fires.

The Sauchiehall Street Task Force met on earlier this week and is made up of the local Business Improvement District (BID), Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.