A 19-year-old spared a jail sentence for his part in a campaign of violence, which ended in the death of tragic Shaun Woodburn, refused to carry out community service during Ramadan.

Mohammed Zakariyah, 19, who was ordered to perform 240 hours last November as a direct alternative to detention was hauled back before judge Lady Stacey yesterday (Wed).

Zakariyah was cleared of murdering 30-year-old Shaun, but admitted two assaults and a breach of the peace in Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve and the early hours of New Year's Day 2017.

His friend Mohammed Ibnomer, 18, was convicted of the culpable homicide of Shaun and jailed for four years.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Zakariyah failed to turn up for community service on May 20, May 27 and June 3.

Lady Stacey told him: “You were given a chance to show you could make yourself a useful member of society.

“You have to do what you are told. It is not for you to decide what you will or will not do.

“The leaders at the Mosque have said they would be happy to explain this to you and tell you that many people go to work during Ramadan.”

Lady Stacey ordered Zakariyah to perform an additional 20 hours on top of the 240 hours already imposed and warned him if he breached the order again he could be sent to detention.

Defence counsel Kevin McCallaum said “ He is a devout Muslim and said it was because of his observance of Ramadan that he did not turn up.. He had discussions with his supervising officers and said he could come in later, but he was told he had to be there for 9am. This was a blip. He had already carried out 97 hours work.”

During Ramadan Muslims do not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset.

Just before and after midnight at Warrender Park Road and Bruntsfield Links, the pair assaulted a number of people. Zakariyah pled guilty to two assaults and a breach of the peace.

Then both accused and friends travelled to the Leith area where Ibnomer killed Shaun with a punch.