PROTESTORS are planning to bring the Trump Baby balloon to Scotland and fly it over his Turnberry golf course when the US President arrives on Saturday.

The team behind the infamous blimp say they have begun talks with Police Scotland seeking authorisation to hoist the six-metre tall effigy skyward over the Ayrshire links while President Trump plays the course. 

Thousands have signed a petition launched on Wednesday night calling for official clearance to allow the inflatable caricature  - which depicts the President as an angry, orange-hued baby in a nappy - to be flown within the confines of an official air exclusion zone. 


The Trump Baby is six-metres tall

The petition calls on the acting head of Police Scotland, Det Ch Con Iain Livingstone to give the go-ahead and also calls on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to intervene. 

Turnberry is owned by Donald Trump and is expected to be the location of the private leg of his UK trip this weekend.

The balloon is due to fly above Parliament Square in central London on Friday, after campaigners crowdfunded £16,000 to pay for it and the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave permission for it to fly.

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Then the protest team, including a number of trained balloon operators, plan to board the sleeper train to Glasgow with Trump Baby and travel to Turnberry. 


Trump at Turnberry

Leo Murray, one of the 'Trump BabySitters' behind the protest, said: “People in Scotland are past masters when it come to protesting against Trump.

"So naturally they have insisted we bring Trump Baby up from London to fly over his golf course, in solidarity with their struggle against Trump’s hateful politics. We have been delighted to accept their invitation.

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"There's an aerial exclusion zone around the golf course, so we need to get permission from the police to get the giant Trump baby up in the air.

"But if it's all been OK’d in Parliament Square, there's no reason it wouldn't be OK next to a golf course, especially when there are so many people in Scotland who see this as a very fitting protest against everything that Trump stands for."


Mr Murray added: “This is just the first exciting stage on Trump Baby’s World Tour, shadowing the President on his so-called diplomatic missions. We hope Trump Baby will go on putting smiles on the faces of the movement that is resisting Trump wherever he goes over the next twelve months.”

Trump Baby Pics - Andy Aitchison