An event at Kelvingrove Park has been called an 'absolute shambles' after hundreds of people who had purchased tickets were refused entry.

Following the very successful Glasgow Pride parade led by Nicola Sturgeon through the city, those involved headed to Kelvingrove Park for what was reportedly a ticketed Pride event.

However, certain people who had pre-purchased tickets were allegedly met with hour-long queues to get in to the park before being told that the event had reached full capacity and no more people would be allowed in. 

Angry revellers took to social media to slam the event organisers for either overselling tickets or underestimating the capacity of the park.

One furious ticket holder said: "How do we get a refund? You’re to blame for overselling tickets, why should people be prepared and buy tickets in advance to then not be able to attend but people who bought tickets on the day get priority. You surely knew the capacity of Kelvingrove before selling tickets."

Another added: "Had a great time at Glasgow Pride parade earlier but deeply concerned of reports that hundreds of people who had bought tickets to Pride festival in Kelvingrove are being turned away or facing hours in queues. Will be raising with organisers on Monday.

"Lack of stewarding and signposting earlier also led to great confusion when exchanging tickets."

A reveller also slammed the organisation of the event, writing: "Just walked back through Kelvingrove and it’s a complete shambles.

"Disappointing for everyone out enjoying a great Glasgow Pride. Hope serious lessons will be learned from this."

Those who had purchased tickets were reportedly told that they would have to wait at least two hours as the organisers operated a one in, one out system.

Jamie Greene MSP also voiced concerns about the people who had paid a lot of money and were left waiting with no hope of getting in.

He said: "Queuing for 3 hours now to get into @prideglasgow some people paid nearly fifty quid and been told to leave Q as there no chance of entry. Many families with kids standing for hours.

"There really are some questions to be answered after today’s event, very sad end to a great day."

The event organisers took to Twitter to assure Pride-goers that they would keep those queuing updated on the situation but many of the disappointed ticket holders are now demanding refunds for their tickets. 

Ticket prices ranged from £10 to £45, which included seeing STEPS in concert.