We're all teed off Mr President

Well if he didn't ken before, he certainly does now.

Donald Trump, with his usual bluster, claimed that the people of Britain loved him, and none more so than those in his mother's homeland of Scotland. His disabuse came as thousands marched, a microlight buzzed his hotel, and protestors jeered and abused him as he teed off at Turnberry on the most expensive round of golf in history. He may have waved back in the face of the cat calls, driver in hand to put on the best possible look for the news bulletins back home, but as he bedded down last night he could be in no doubt that he is despised by the majority of the Scottish people. Not even an ego as large as his could remain unbruised.

This was a visit that no one wanted, a desperate invite from a desperate Prime Minister vainly hoping to bolster her plummeting popularity. Trump repaid her by dissing her Brexit plan and potential trade deal, then reverse ferreting, applauding her rival, before lamely praising her and leading her by the hand – taking time out just to upstage the Queen. Donald does not do diplomacy.

This was a monumental and expensive mistake. Direct police costs amounted to £5 million with up to 5000 officers deployed, some drafted in from England, and when other costs are factored in this could well double. And politically he was all but isolated, with only poor David Mundell, looking for all the world as if he would do anything to be anywhere else, welcoming his arrival before quickly scuttling off.

Trump will leave this afternoon from Prestwick on Air Force One en route for his Helsinki summit with Putin, the leader he is closest to while the brewing storm over Russian interference in his presidential election heightens at home. It's safe to say that no one will be there holding a sign saying "Haste ye back".