A TWEET from the Brexit secretary indicating that Scotland is a region of England prompting a storm of protest from SNP's House of Commons leader, is a fake.

Dominic Raab moved to confirm the fakery after Ian Blackford, called for him to make an apology to the people of Scotland for the social media message.

But it ended up being Mr Blackford who said sorry, after it emerged that the tweet was actually a work of fiction.

Mr Blackford initially responded to a screen shot of the tweet, which appeared to be from Mr Raab's verified account, posted by a brand strategist, who later deleted it fearing that it was bogus.

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The tweet said: "SNP need to stop playing constitutional politics with Brexit. If we work together the Conservatives will deliver a successful deal for all England's regions, including Scotland."

Mr Blackford responded: "Well, we new that David Mundell [the Scottish Secretary] had failed to stand up for Scotland over the withdrawal bill, now Dominic Raab thinks Scotland is a region of England.

"No wonder he has been downgraded in the Brexit negotiations. Perhaps an apology to the people of Scotland would be in order."

When the tweet vanished he added: "Deleting this tweet is not good enough, he needs to explain himself."

After one Twitter user said he suspected it was a fake tweet, he added: "I do not believe it is."


He added: "For those saying Raab's tweet was fake, here is the link to it." It became unavailable.

An hour and a half later, as suspicions of skullduggery became more intense, Mr Blackford responded: "If it fake, it is despicable anyone would do that and I am sorry that Dominic Raab has been targeted in such a way and that myself and others took this at face value. I withdraw my comments on the remark."

He then sent a tweet to Mr Raab saying: "Sorry to see you were targeted in this way Dominic, appreciate you confirming it is a fake and of course I withdraw my response to this fake tweet."