A Belfast football club has said it is "disgusted" that footballer Nacho Novo was subjected to "vile sectarian abuse" while he was their guest in the city.

Novo confronted a Celtic fan at Belfast International Airport who was singing: "I hope you die in your sleep Nacho Novo."

The incident was filmed and footage posted on social media.

New footage shows how the fan and Novo were butting heads during the confrontation. 

The fan is heard to repeatedly say: "Go away, Nacho."  The 39-year-old Spaniard who spent six years with Rangers replied: "Where am I going to go?"

A woman with Novo is heard to say: "You're acting like a clown"

Novo had travelled to the city to attend East Belfast FC academy's prize-giving day for players aged 11 and 12.

A spokesman for the academy said: "We are disgusted and angry that Nacho was subjected to a barrage of vile sectarian abuse.

"Not only does such behaviour have no place in sport, but it has no place within society."

Footage of the incident shows the Spaniard, appearing to initially try to laugh it off before confronting the fan outside the airport doors, swearing and demanding to know why he had been "disrespected".

A statement from East Belfast FC added: "We feel it essential that we highlight the sectarian abuse and threats made to Nacho Novo.

"While travelling to Belfast from Glasgow to support our kids he found himself on a plane with Celtic supporters returning home from their game yesterday and was threatened, abused and disgusting things were also said about his family.

"This is not acceptable in this day (and) age."

The Spaniard who suffered a suspected heart attack earlier this year during a tournament in Berlin.

The club called on the Police Service of Northern Ireland to investigate.

Novo played for east Belfast side Glentoran in 2016-17.

East Belfast FC said in a Facebook post: "We would like to express our deep gratitude to Nacho Novo for making his way to Belfast to present all the 06 section with their trophies and also delivering what was an amazing day for many kids connected with East Belfast FC.

"Not many sporting heroes go out of their way to travel from another country to do what Nacho did, the smiles on the kids faces spoke a million words and Nacho has promised to continue his support for our club."

On Twitter, Novo said: "Arrived at Belfast international airport tonight to support the local community for all sides of the divide, as soon as I walked out of the airport I was surrounded by over Celtic supporters that hurled abuse and tried to attack myself I would like thank genuine Celtic supporters."