EX-FOOTBALLER Dean Windass called Rangers fans "m**gs" in a social media row over his son's £2.5 million move to English Championship club Wigan.

The former Hull, Aberdeen and Bradford striker's comments came after his son's move south after two years at Ibrox.

But his sudden departure has not gone down well in some quarters.

Lewis McInnes said the transfer of Josh Windass, the club's joint-top scorer from last season, was "madness". He added on social media: "He might not be everyone's favourite player but like it or not, we need him for his goals at the moment."


But father Dean Windass did not mince his words when one fan asked whether he was pleased with the move. The 49-year-old said: "Very get away from you m***s".

His response contained an offensive term for somone who has learning difficulties and the tweet was deleted.

But it did not stop the pelters.

The former player actually gave a thumbs up to one critical response which says "the only m**g here is you giving your son an absolute brass neck".

She added: "Players will always get stick at any club their at but you rising to it is making you look like a right ar*e! Wish @WindassJnr all the best. As a fan, i'm gutted he's left."

One told the former player: "You are an embarrassment, but at least you are consistent, unlike your young lad."

Another said: "Imagine tweeting calling us Rangers fans 'm**gs'. Did your son not do a s**t ton of charity work for us Rangers fans with disabilities?

"Disgusting and absolutely dreadful attitude. Have a read of what you say next time!"


Janet Ross added: "Shame on you. "ill you be abusing Wigan FC fans when your boys moves on from there."

Dean Windass has previously said that he hates to hear his son take pelters from punters when he plays for Rangers.

“It’s hard when Josh gets stick, especially at a club like Rangers where there are 50,000 in the ground," he said in December.

“It was the same for my kids when I played. They would ask, ‘Dad, why do the supporters call you a fat b******?’ “It wasn’t nice for them but it is part of football. I know that better than anyone but it doesn’t make listening to it any easier. It is the same with social media, where you get some really rude people.

HeraldScotland: Josh Windass celebrates his goal against Dundee

“Josh doesn’t like me doing interviews about him but I’m his dad and proud of him. I get more of a buzz out of him doing well in a match than I ever did about myself."

Josh Windass said after the transfer: "It wasn't an easy decision to make because I've been playing a lot at Rangers, but I spoke to the manager this morning when I got the call and I felt the best thing was to come here to try and prove myself and get this team up the league."