THE "self-enrolment' service at one of Scotland's oldest universities has has hit new problems leading to the suspension of registration for degree courses.

University of Glasgow executives have said registration for students has been suspended until further notice.

Further information on when it will reopen "will be given as soon as possible", the university has said.

Would-be students had complained that the application was not working properly and could not process requests.

University executives have said the MyCampus service that left the admissions systems in chaos when it was launched in 2011, has "continuing issues".

They say that registration and enrolment started for "eligible students" on August 1 but that this has been suspended with no date yet given for when it will resume.

They have had to delay registration for continuing undergraduate students until August 14.

Other registrations are expected to go ahead on August 13 for students in postgraduate research, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and some delivered in partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

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David Duncan, the university's chief operating officer and secretary said in a circular: "Please be assured that we are working to resolve the issues as swiftly as possible. We are communicating with students via social media and the website.

"With sincere apologies to all who are affected."

When launched thousands of students called the University of Glasgow’s helpline to complain about glitches in the IT system which left them unable to register for degree courses.

The MyCampus software was introduced to allow students to enrol and select course options as part of a plan to phase out a dedicated adviser of studies team and save around £500,000 annually.

The university had been under fire for implementing controversial cuts seen as detrimental to students.

Staff have previously said that the MyCampus system is beset with technical problems and seven years ago it was expected that the registration process would not being completed for three months.

Common complaints included students being told that compulsory classes are full or being enrolled for the wrong degree. Others complained about “dead” web links.

Students were also being advised by some university tutors to ignore the system and simply turn up at the correct classes for their degree course.

MyCampus was installed to replace the existing in-house system, WebSURF. The UCU lecturers’ union believed WebSURF is effective anddescribed the new system as “cumbersome, frustrating and unreliable”.

Course advisers said the introduction of MyCampus increased their workload because they have been inundated with queries from worried students.

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However, the university argued that the system – which has already been adopted by Cambridge, Queen’s University Belfast and Derby University – is a vital part of a modern institution.

The software is part of the Student Lifecycle Project, which will be used by the university to analyse key statistics such as applications, exam performance and retention rates.

The University of Glasgow did not respond to a request for comment.