CAMPAIGNERS will take to the streets today amid escalating fears the UK is heading towards a chaotic exit from the European Union.

Supporters of a so-called People’s Vote will gather in Edinburgh as they call for another referendum on any Brexit deal.

It comes as Danish finance minister Kristian Jensen echoed warnings that there is now a 50-50 chance of Britain crashing out without an agreement.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt insisted the UK would "would survive and prosper" in the event of no deal being reached – just hours after warning a messy exit would be “a mistake that we would regret for generations”.

In an interview with ITV on Thursday, Mr Hunt said Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers plan for a softer Brexit was simply a “framework” on which a future deal can be based, rather than a take-it-or-leave-it offer.

The Foreign Secretary said a no deal Brexit would be a “difficult period we would have to get through, but the UK would eventually find a way to prosper and thrive, as we have so many times in our history”.

He added: “We want a deal with the EU that means we really can have a deep and special partnership, a friendship, going forward, not just in terms of our economic relations but in terms of everything else that happens on the world stage, and it would be a mistake that we would regret for generations if we were to have a messy, ugly divorce and that is what we all want to avoid.”

But 12 hours later he took to Twitter to clarify, writing: “Important not to misrepresent my words: Britain WOULD survive and prosper without a deal… but it would be a big mistake for Europe because of inevitable impact on long term partnership with UK.

“We will only sign up to deal that respects referendum result.”

Tory Eurosceptics attacked his position, with backbencher MP Nigel Evans insisting: "We don't need any lectures from Remainers."

He told the BBC: "He's got his own views. He voted remain. The prime minister needs to ensure, as she promised, that Brexiteers are in charge of our leaving the European Union."

Fellow Tory Leave-supporter Conor Burns said: "The thing that we want to avoid for 'generations to come' is being locked into a permanent orbit around the EU where we end up with a deal but don't have a seat around the table".

It came as Greece warned it risked being plunged into “increased financial and political instability” if Britain left the EU without a deal.

Today’s People’s Vote rally in Edinburgh will see speeches from author and former BBC broadcaster Gavin Esler and Scottish actor Emma Currie. Hundreds will gather in the city’s Festival Square from 1pm.

Mr Esler said: “I have never supported a political party or campaign, but I know that when the facts change, rational people change their minds.

“The facts about Brexit have most certainly changed over the past two years and I’ve now changed my mind about that too. When once I quietly accepted a democratic vote to make Brexit happen, I don’t any more.

“That’s why I think it’s important to come back to Edinburgh to join the huge numbers of people across Scotland calling for a People’s Vote.

“Whether you voted leave or remain in the referendum, we all agree Brexit is too big a deal to leave to politicians in Westminster."

Brexit negotiators have resumed talks in Brussels as they strive to reach a deal by the autumn.