Twenty-four drivers have been stopped by police for speeding near a primary school during just one lunch break.

Officers stopped all of the drivers close to Hilton Primary School in Inverness during the lunch break on Thursday.

Police warned speeding drivers are putting children’s lives at risk and said they will continue to carry out enforcement activity near schools.

One of the drivers will be reported to the procurator fiscal, two have been fined and the remainder have been given warnings.

Studies suggest around 5% of pedestrians would die when struck by a vehicle travelling at 20mph, increasing to about 40% for vehicles travelling at 30mph. The fatality rate would be about 80% for vehicles travelling at 40mph, and close to 100% for speeds over 50mph.

Sergeant Gus Murray said: “It is incredibly disappointing to have stopped this many vehicles being driven irresponsibly near a primary school in such a short space of time.

“It is well documented that the greater the speed then the greater the risk to a pedestrian.

“Near schools this means that a speeding driver is putting the lives of children at risk – this is not tolerated, either by us or the wider community.

“All motorists need to be persuaded that driving at inappropriate speeds is not a minor, technical offence that everyone commits.

“It is a serious, dangerous and anti-social activity.

“We will continue to carry out enforcement activity near schools to stop those who continue to ignore the dangers.”

Officers have been carrying out speed checks near schools this week after pupils returned from their summer holidays.

Many schools in the Highlands have 20mph limits during school hours and police urged drivers to respect local limits.