ALEX Salmond and others who appear on Kremlin-funded TV risk being used as “propaganda tools by the Russian state”, Theresa May has said.

The Prime Minister issued the warning in the Commons in response to a question from Scottish Tory John Lamont about “current and former” MPs on Russian channels.

The former First Minister and MP, who has had a weekly show on RT since November last year, said Mrs May was being "plain daft".

He has been under growing pressure to quit the channel in the wake of new evidence about Russian state involvement in the Novichok attack in Salisbury.

The UK government has accused two members of the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, of using the nerve agent to poison Sergei and Julia Skripal in March.

Russian Putin Vladimir Putin today claimed the suspects were blameless “civilians”, despite Novichok being found in their hotel room after they travelled from Russia to Salisbury.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Lamont said: “Given what we know about the Russian State’s involvement in the Salisbury poisoning, does the Prime Minister think it appropriate that parliamentarians both current and former should appear on Russian state television?”

She replied: “I’m sure we all have doubts about the objectivity of the reporting on Russia Today (RT), which does remain a tool of propaganda for the Russian state.

“Decisions about appearing on Russia Today is a matter for judgment for each individual. But they should be clear that they risk being used as propaganda tools by the Russian state.”

She added she knew that was a view shared by other MPs, including SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, who has called RT a vehicle of the Russian state.

He said earlier this month: “I certainly wouldn't encourage people to be seen on RT. I've made it clear that I don't believe that people should broadcast on RT.

“I think RT is a vehicle of the Russian state. People need to know exactly what the Russian state are doing, and by extension, RT are part of that."

Despite Mr Blackford’s advice against appearing on RT, his Westminster colleague Western Isles MP Angus Brendan MacNeil last week said he would continue to appear on it.

She said MPs would also be well-advised to avoid Iran’s Press TV, which had its licence revoked in the UK, and has previously featured Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Salmond, who has a 50% stake in production firm Slainte Media which makes his show for RT, called Mrs May's comments “plain daft”

He said: “It is plain daft to offer a comment on a show she has never even seen. The Prime Minister should take some time tomorrow to watch the Alex Salmond Show which is the third in a series on Britain’s railways and specifically on how the building of HS2 is impacting on London communities. She will then be able to judge if she can detect any pro-Russian propaganda from the residents of Camden!”

Mr Lamont said later: "Despite Mr Blackford supporting the Prime Minster in her statement and saying people shouldn’t appear on RT, other prominent figures within the SNP seem to have disregarded his comments. 

“The SNP leader is saying the right things in Parliament, only for his colleagues and former MPs from his party to continue to support Russian state TV. It is time about time the SNP gave clarity on what their position is on this matter.”