Professor Allan Jamieson is a forensic expert who has built a solid reputation in analysing DNA samples in criminal investigations. The Glasgow-based scientist, founded The Forensic Institute, after a large period spent working with the police in examining criminal cases.

Currently, he is in contact with the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (MOJO), to assist in analysing the forensics evidence gathered during the murder investigation of Jodi Jones.

MOJO has been representing Luke Mitchell, who denies being responsible for the brutal murder of the 14-year old and continues to maintain his innocence.

The organisation approached Jamieson after accessing the forensic files, which stated that amongst 122 items gathered from the crime scene, not one could be linked to him.

“I understand that there was no physical evidence linking Mitchell to the scene and given the nature of the event and relationship with Jodi, I think that that requires an explanation as well. So, I mean, what can I say about evidence that’s not there?” the professor explains.

The scientist is reluctant to comment on the case, given that he is currently reviewing the evidence.

Documents have revealed that the criminal investigation was poorly conducted. When officers arrived at the scene, Mitchell was the only member of the party to be escorted to the police station, where he was detained for questioning and stripped naked to have his clothing forensically tested.

It has been noted that police moved Jody’s body, left it uncovered in the rain overnight and no time of death was taken. Branches which may have held vital evidence were cut down to allow easier access, and officers entered the crime scene without protection - potentially contaminating the area.

The crime scene was later said to be, “not ideally managed”, by Derek Scrimger, the first forensics officer to arrive the next morning.

An order was also put through by persons unknown, to have the crime scene bleached. This was carried out before sniffer dogs arrived, leading the handlers to state in the documents that the dogs were “hampered”.

There is no timeline involved with a case of this magnitude. “What I’m interested in is fair trials, and that significantly reduces the chance of a miscarriage of justice”, says Jamieson.